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11.10.2013 07:26

Monitoring Regional Television Broadcasters -Presidential Elections 2013

Research Media Monitoring (During Election)

Internews Georgia is carrying out the Monitoring Regional Television Broadcasters -Presidential Elections 2013. The project which started on September 16, 2013 is going to last until November 25.

The project is being implemented within the scope of the USAID-funded four-year project Increased Trust in the Electoral Process (ITEP) being implemented by IFES.

The monitoring is carried out on 12 regional broadcasters operating nationwide, including: Channel 25 (Batumi), Rioni (Kutaisi), Kvemo Kartli TV and Radio Company (Rustavi), Odishi (Zugdidi), Tanamgzavri (Telavi), 9th Channel (Alkhaltsikhe), Trialeti (Gori), Guria (Ozurgeti), Imervizia (Chiatura), Gurjaani (Gurjaani), Mega TV (Khoni), 9th Wave (Poti).

The technique applied in the project is based on quantitative and qualitative research. Quantitative monitoring determines quantitative indicators that can be counted and analyzed. While qualitative monitoring is applied to evaluate the efficiency of media outlets’ activities in relation to the indicators such as ethical or professional standards.

Regional TV_Monitoring_16.29.09.2013_Eng.pdf

Regional TV Monitoring_30.09-13.10.2013_Eng.pdf

Regional TV Monitoring - 14-20.10.2013_Eng.pdf

Regional TV Monitoring - 21-27.10.2013_Eng.pdf

Regional TV_Monitoring_28.10-3.11.2013_Eng.pdf

Regional TV_Monitoring_4-10.11.2013_Eng.pdf

Final Report_Regional TV Monitoring_1.09-4.10.2013_Eng







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