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14.01.2013 11:52

TV Companies’ Budgetary Arrears at the Beginning of 2013

Maia Tsiklauri

As of December 24, 2012 the Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB) is due to pay State budget GEL 13, 291, 483, the Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance told, while according to the letter received from the broadcaster the arrears amount to GEL 5,800,000.

Along with the Public Broadcaster, the Revenue Service reported, other TV companies too are financially liable for the State budget. The arrears look as follows: TV company Imedi – GEL 836, 559; Rustavi 2 – GEL 12; Channel 25 – GEL 19,071; First Stereo GEL 144, 421; Trialeti – 24,078. 

The debt of GEL 446,753 has been accrued by TV Company PIK LLC that had been managing GPB Channel 3 until October 2012 and still holds a broadcasting frequency.

Excess payment to budget has been made by TV company Maestro – GEL 254,029; Channel 9 – 153,049; Mze – 13, 837; Saqartvelo – 425,790 and TV 3 (formerly Real TV) – GEL 9,585. 

It is unclear whether the TV companies enjoyed tax amnesties granted by former Finance Minister Alexander Khetaguri prior to quitting his position. Media.Ge has made a request for the detailed data over the amount written off from the TV companies but in response the Revenue Service said the requested data is “tax secret.”

To view the response (in the Georgian language) provided by the Ministry of Finance please, click here.







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