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29.11.2012 14:23

Kakha Bekauri Quits Channel 9

Maia Tsiklauri
კახა ბექაურმა

Kakha Bekauri, Director of TV company channel 9 has quit his position, he said reporting on the news program aired on the channel. He today wrote a statement on a holiday leave but after the expiration of the holiday he is not going to get back to the channel. Luba Eliashvili, his deputy for news issues will occupy his position. During the holiday period he will help the completion of the reorganization process being on at the channel.

The transformation of the channel is being on. Changes should come into effect in regard to legal status and structure, it is though unclear how. Due to theses changes some dynamic changes are taking place… The reorganization process raised the necessity of the changes that are taking place now and might come about in the future,” said Kakha Bekauri who was even yesterday asserting he was going to quit his position.

Following the announcement on his resignation Kakha Bakauri said some of the journalists are likely to quit the channel. He, as a former Director General, made a request to every single employee to carry on activities in a normal way to prevent the channel from paralyzing or obstructing reorganization process. Journalists are going to release a statement in the 9 o’clock news outlet.



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