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26.11.2012 14:20

Inga Grigolia to Make Talk Show on GPB

Maia Tsiklauri

Journalist Inga Grigolia, having quit the opposition Christian-Democratic Party few months ago, is planning to make a public-political talk show on the Georgian Pubic Broadcasting (GPB).

Reporting to Inga Grigolia said the contract has not been signed yet but the talks are almost over.

“At this stage of talks I expect successful ending. The project proposed by me turned out acceptable to them,” Inga Grigolia pointed out. The project, she said, implied a large-scale political talk show to be hosting several guests and the audience at the studio. The talk show will be on evening air for an hour and a half.

“Today no such program is available on GPB. That was one of the reasons I offered my project. Most likely in early December I will sign the contract and the production will be started thereupon,” said Inga Grigolia and pointed out the program will be produced on the GPB 1 basis.

According to some reports Inga Grigolia was going to get back to journalism at TV company Mzera TV being currently set up and planning to launch broadcasts in February. At this stage, Grigolia said, the cooperation between Mzera TV and her was not held since the TV company had no political talk shows intended to launch at the initial phase.

“The project proposed by me was not of priority to Mzera TV, they are not going to start talk show production at the very launch of broadcasting. And of course I decided Mzera TV would start operation without me,” said Inga Grigolia.

For years Inga Grigolia used to work for GPB first Channel and TV company Mze. She used to host talk shows on Imedi TV andRustavi 2. In 2010 she became the member of the Christian-Democratic Party set up by journalists. She was the member of Tbilisi Sakrebulo. For the 2012 parliamentary elections she was nominated as a majoritarian deputy for Gldani district, she though withdrew her candidacy a week prior to the elections and quit the party.







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