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14.11.2012 19:35

TV Company PIK Changes Hands

Maia Tsiklauri

TV company PIK LLC, that used to manage the third channel of the Georgian Public Broadcasting (GPB), has got a new owner. On October 29, 2012 60 percent of shares was handed over to Šviesa LLC based four days earlier.

According to the decision reached at the partners meeting, in line with the Entrepreneurial Registry data, in return for the handover of 60 percent of shares Šviesa shall make investment of GEL 1,500,000 in TV company PIK within five years off of signing the protocol.

The meeting protocol points out that the donation may be made by Šviesa in the form of cash or property.

30 percent of shares handed over to Šviesa were receded by PIK’s 55 percent shareholder Mamuka Tatoshvili; Giorgi Aghdgolmeladze, Tamaz Gudadze and Nikoloz Tabidze, previously each holding 15 percent, receded from 10 percent.

Lithuanian Darius Jurgelevicius is the founder and director of Šviesa. He has Lithuanian citizenship. According to Lithuanian media ( Jurgelevicius used to be the advisor of former Interior Minister Vano Merabishvili.

TV Company PIK LLC is the former TV company Alania which holds license for general broadcasting and whose frequency was applied by PIK, the third channel of the Georgian Public Broadcasting (GPB). Due to the deficit of frequencies in the country the public broadcaster holds only two frequencies, occupied by GPB first and second channels.

In early 2012 the broadcaster handed PIK over to TV Company PIK LLC for management until the end of the year. At the time Alania used to be a Russian-language broadcaster. After obtaining managerial rights the reorganization was carried out – Alania merged with PIK, the legal name was changed too into TV Company PIK LLC having launched PIK programming on its frequency.

In early October 2012 the dispute between GPB and TV Company PIK was launched over illegal transmission of TV signal via satellite, which ultimately resulted into the annulment of all the contracts. The sitting held by the GPB Board of Trustees on November 12 publicized that from 2103 the budget does not allow funding for PIK that is to stop broadcasting from the next year.

The TV Company PIK-owned frequency remains vacant. According to Khatia Kurashvili, Press Speaker of the Georgian National Communications Commission (GNCC) the company shall follow licensing terms and keep on broadcasting.

According to the Georgian Law on Broadcasting in case of the suspension of licensed activity for more than 3 months the broadcaster shall be revoked license.

The plans of the new owner of TV Company PIK remain unknown. Thus far has been unable to get in touch with Darius Jurgelevicius. David Parulava, maintaining the position of the company Director is not answering calls. TV Company PIK has not notified GNCC of the change, the broadcaster is obliged to. Over the issues, Khatia Kurashvili said, administrative proceeding is going to be launched.


Note: According to the first version of the article Darius Jurgelevicius holds dual citizenship of Lithuania and Georgia. The aforementioned is not true; Darius Jurgelevicius is the citizen of Lithuania only.







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