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09.11.2012 13:11

Maestro Holding Launches new Radio and TV-Company

Maia Tsiklauri

Maestro owners are forming the Holding, which will unite two TV-Companies and two radios.  For moment active broadcasters are Maestro TV (news channel) and news radio Maestro.  According to the Holding founders Mamuka Glonti and Maka Asatiani, the Holding will have new radio – Vinyl Radio and also second television channel, which will broadcast by general broadcasting form.  According to Glonti, general broadcasting channel name will be Maestro and news television channel name will be Maestro – News. 

The new television will presumably start broadcasting in February 2013, while the radio will be launched in January 2013.  The new television company will use Maestro general cable broadcasting license.  Within the given license Maestro is authorized to launch 5 TV-channels.  As for the radio, according to Mamuka Glonti, the radio frequency that will be used by Vinyl Radio already exists. 

“I will refrain from naming the radio.  Contract will be signed with that radio soon,” Glonti said at 9 November press conference held at Maestro Press Club. 

In the general broadcasting TV-Company the Holding founders plan to prepare different types of programs. 

“There will be movies, movie-series, entertainment projects, newscast, debates, and talk-shows.  Debates and talk-shows and the newscast will also be sustained at the news channel,” Glonti stressed. 

Maestro also plans to organize different kinds of festivals, including music awards – Golden Vinyl. 

“We will try for show-business to be on its level,” Glonti said. 

According to Maestro Holding founders, main source of funding of the TV-Companies and radios will be own revenues, mainly from advertisements. 

“There should not be any other source of funding in a normal county.  Other sources of funding mean political viewpoints of a television.  Media did not use to be business here until now.  Maestro has always been a channel with high ratings, but did not have advertisements coinciding with those ratings.  This was no because of journalists and media-owners, it was because of the government, which wanted media to be an instrument in their hands.  Our aim is for Maestro TV-Companies and radios to be self-sustainable and to bring enough profit to owners,” Glonti stressed. 

In conclusion of the press conference he spoke about licensing of TV-programs and movies.  According to him, for many years the Georgian National Communications Commission did not fulfill its functions and did not inspect whether or not TV-Companies broadcasted licensed production.  According to Glonti, by such action the GNCC hampered media development and the current Chairman of the Commission must be tried in court for that. 

“For example Voice of Abkhazia airs movies which cannot be purchased even if you pay whole Georgian budget.  Voice of Abkhazia just downloads those movies and broadcasts them without any license,” Mamuka Glonti added. 

He also spoke about the fact that Maestro TV is still unable to gain frequency broadcasting license.  







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