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10.10.2012 10:56

Ninth Channel on Metric Frequency since 8 October

Maia Tsiklauri

Starting 8 October it is possible to watch the Ninth Channel on metric frequency via Stereo Plus.  Director of Stereo Plus David Zilfimian stated that he imported additional equipment which, within license requirements, without exceeding frequency line will allow him to rebroadcast the Ninth Channel signal. 

6 June 2012 the Georgian National Communications Commission inspected and identified that Stereo Plus was transmitting the signal within 7,2 megahertz, while it an use radio-frequency spectrum only within 6 megahertz. 

The GNCC also imposed a GEL 5000 penalty on Stereo Plus for illegal usage of radio-frequencies, as Zilfimian’s Company has the license for radio-frequencies’ spectrum usage only in parts of Georgia, with specific geographical coordinates for one-sided transmission, while the Company was transmitting the Ninth Channel via metric frequency. 

Zilfimian clarified that Court will decide whether or not his Company had the right to rebroadcast the Ninth Channel. 

“If the Court will decide that it was being done illegally I will stop rebroadcasting, but it will not say so as when I was rebroadcasting TV-Companies Alania, Sakartvelo, Abkhazeti the same way it was not counted illegal; this is the case of discrimination of one Company,” Zilfimian claims. 

“GNCC Technical Group will study how legally Stereo Plus rebroadcasts the Ninth Channel,” Khatia Kurashvili, GNCC Public Relations Service Head said.  For the moment she claimed that Stereo Plus does not have the right to broadcast at metric frequency, as it does not have the coinciding license. 







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