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09.10.2012 10:26

Real TV to Switch to 24/7 News Programming - Guram Donadze

Maia Tsiklauri

In response to’s question over the probable closure of TV company Real TV’s news program Guram Donadze, Head of Real TV’s news service said he had already reported on the issue to InterPresNews and can refer to the agency.

Reporting to IPN Guram Donadze said Real TV is planning to switch to 24/7 news programming. The channel employees have already been notified at the sitting. At this stage the date of the launch of the switchover is not yet clear though.

 “The TV management hasn’t set a certain date. Most likely it will be gradual process. During the sitting we were made aware that we are going to change format, and vacancies will be announced as well since the current staff won’t be sufficient,” said Donadze and pointed out that entertainment programs are not likely to be produced.

The exact reason for the switchover to 24/7 news programming is unknown but, he thinks it’s a marketing type of a step. 

Today, October 9 online edition, refrring to Real TV staff, reported that the TV news service, for the lack of funds, was closed down, and the company was going to fill up the programming with movies.







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