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06.10.2012 19:38

Imedi to Become News TV

ნატა ძველიშვილი

TV company Imedi is going to launch a switch-over into news format, the company reports.

“We, all of the Imedi TV journalists and employees, as well as every citizen of Georgia have a ground to be proud of our country’s democratic achievement. Our joint attempt of recent years to build democratic Georgia is evidently being on with success.

Therefore, we believe that now, like never before, it’s important to maintain the level of achieved democracy and further develop it, reads the statement which clarifies that “now, like never before, it’s highly important to show loyalty to supremacy of freedom of speech and maintain healthy political competition and environment of constructive opposition.    

Hence we believe that Imedi carries special responsibility to further safeguard democracy, like before, and secure unbiased and balanced reporting on political and public developments nationwide.

The statement also points out that TV company therefore is going to change its format and kickstart gradual switch-over to the main broadcasting (news) format, to provide viewers with news throughout a day and dedicate TV air to the representatives of different political parties and offer the audience diverse talk shows of political and social nature.

“We hope the new government will continue its democratic heritage left by the previous government, it will not interfere with the free operation of any form of media, and will not try to restrict freedom of speech,” reads the statement released by Imedi TV.     







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