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05.10.2012 16:28

Rustavi 2 Former Owners to Start Legal Fight to Get TV Company Back

David Mchedlidze

The Rustavi 2 founders and former owners Davit Dvali and Jarji Akimidze are going to start a legal fight to get 60 percent of Rustavi 2 shares back through court.

The letter sent to on October 5 and whose addressees include Rustavi 2 staff, civil sector, NGOs and diplomatic corps, points out “we have started uncompromising legal struggle for the restoration of lawful rights.”

 “Our goal is to implement the transformation planned yet in 2004 – to help Rustvi 2 grow into the space for disputes, discussions, new ideas that will be conducive the advancement of democratic society,” reads the address.

Reporting to Jarji Akimidze specified that they are working on the complaint to be lodged to the court. 

Besides, according to the address, the former TV company owners, realizing their share of responsibility and recognizing the mistakes made, including their failure to publicize the pressure exerted upon them by high official groups, that ultimately made them concede Rustavi 2, would never imagine that media in the hands of the authorities having come into power under the flag of democracy would turn into the instrument of violence and propaganda.

The authors of the address call on Rustavi 2 staff: “The vertical of national authorities crashed in exactly five days. The possibility of getting under the ruins, especially under the circumstances of the appearance of unexpected owner, is surely obvious to you too. It’s high time now you took an independent and worthy step to save Rustavi 2 and restore its ruined reputation.

Rustavi 2 founders also call on civil sector and NGOs and every single person having taken part in dismantling violent regime. To the organizations commissioned to watchdog democratic values: “We kindly request you to help once independent free media space named Rustavi 2 to avert expected collapse and stand by democratic processes.”

 “We also call on diplomatic corps. In every critical moment throughout Rustavi 2 history we did receive your special support. We hope you are not going to miss the developments around Rustavi 2 either now. In the light of recent developments we are all responsible for maintaining once independent television, to avoid the launch of a very important phase of the development of the country with the ruin and elimination of media. 







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