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29.09.2012 18:29

Statement byRustavi2 Founders and Former Owners

David Mchedlidze

To the broadcasting companyRustavi2 employees, journalists, technical staff, production team and anyone we have been working with us throughout years.

At this very critical moment forGeorgiawe would like to break eight-year silence and address you.

Violence is reigning in the country, not in prisons only but in every field including state and private structures, education institutions, court, police, media, society in general.

Total violence was not started today. It was gaining power little by little and step by step it reached critical level.

We would like to remind you that we are one of the first victims of violence from the State machine. As result of severe psychological pressure, chasing, bugging, artificially designed bankruptcy mode we were made to recede from the controlling interest and that was the basis of current critical situation in media.

Therefore we do understand the pressure any of you is suffering now and especially during the pre-election period.

Adherence to principles and high professionalism has always been the ground of success forRustavi2. Throughout years we have repeatedly fought injustice and stood side by side in unequal struggle.

We kindly request you to realize that objective and fair coverage is not just your right but duty and responsibility, especially under the circumstances of the termination of must-carry rules. We call on you to demonstrate your position, say "No!" to propaganda and lies, giveRustavi2 the status of free media back.

Always keep in mind we are next to you. Standing aside from all of the political organizations, we would like to express hope that under the circumstances of unbiased court we’ll be able again to make whatever is called free independent television.

Rustavi2 founders and former owners
Davit Dvali
Jarji Akimidze







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