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21.09.2012 09:55

Vano Chkhartishvili’s Internet-Portal Mzera Launched

Maia Tsiklauri

“We See Events with our own Eyes,” – Internet-Portal Mzera launched operation 19 September with the given slogan.  The publication is funded by businessman Vano Chkhartishvili; Chief Editor, Rustavi 2 former journalist Natia Abramia, who currently lives in London and works for the BBC. 

Chief Editor wrote in the blog at that Mzera will be an international Internet portal which will also feature TV-programs. 

“Until we have our television we want our TV-programs to be aired by other channels,” Natia Abramia wrote recalled the meeting with Vano Chkhartishvili. 

“I just met him in London recently.  He told me that he will never interfere with editorial activity.  I did not think much and made the decision to give it a try.  I told myself I should make the decision without trying.  If it works or not,” Natia Abramia stressed. 

According to the editorial office Mzera will cooperate with Georgian cable and regional channels.  Materials will also be posted at the websites.  In future its signal will also be broadcasted via satellite. 

“In order for the channel to be interactive the viewers will also participate in preparing the materials and experts will discuss important topics and ongoing events.  We will tell Georgian Diaspora what is going on in their homeland and will allow them to take part in discussions,” Mzera website reads and it is stressed that London and Tbilisi bureaus will take equal part in creating the content. 

Along with Natia Abramia in London bureau will work several other people: former Imedi presenter Marika Garibashvili will be a producer.  Nini Begiashvili will be Mzera PR Manager and Zaal Chachua the director. 

In Tbilisi the Internet portal will be managed by former editor of Liberali and Hot Chocolate magazines Nana Sajaia.  In Tbilisi also will work Hot Chocolate former web-editor Paata Shamugia and journalists Gvantsa Kikalishvili and Irina Aliashvili. 

Businessman Vano Chkhartishvili who is the former owner of Mze TV announced about the intention to return the Channel and until then opening a new television in May 2012.  At that time Chkhartishvili accused President Mikheil Saakashvili in forcing him to give up Mze shares.  23 May Chkhartishvili’s lawyer said at press-conference that Internet television Mzera would be launched before elections.  







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