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19.09.2012 18:50

GPB First Channel Provided Most Professional Coverage of Prisoner Abuse - Gia Chanturia

Maia Tsiklauri
გია ჭანტურია (photo: )

"The Georgian Public Broadcasting (GPB) is covering and will further cover not only the footage being currently disseminated but the activities being on around the capital city to fully meet public demand. I believe GPB provided the most professional and impartial coverage of prisoner abuse,” GPB Director General Gia Chanturia told in response to the students rally demanding fair coverage of prisoner abuse at Gldani prison #8. 

Yesterday, Chanturia clarified, the prisoner abuse-related video footage released by Maestro and TV 9 was not aired on GPB 1 since the 20:00-hour news program was not aired at all due to the debates between the number ones in the party lists, but the public broadcaster was filming every rally held in the city.”

“Today we were covering everything, every news program is dedicated to this story, the 16:00-hour Moambe was rather lengthy and we are going to provide a vaster coverage in the 20:00-hour news outlet,” says Chanturia and points out, “ We are trying to be comprehensive, unbiased and fair in regard to whatever is being on. Anyone watching our news programs will say we did not miss either fact related to brutal treatment in prison.”

Prior to the 16:00-hour news program, he said, the footage was not aired since the channel is not aimed at re-airing same footage.

“We are not airing everything in a spontaneous manner. We aired everything we obtained. Just screening the footage was not essential to us, any channel did it anyway. Protest at the prison, mothers demanding meeting with children are not less important than this horrifying footage, so gruesome to watch,” says Chanturia and points out that the production of unbiased information, featuring case-related facts, is more important than re-airing same footage. We maintain the standard we are committed to.”







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