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10.09.2012 17:02

Obiektivi Studio Co-Founder Wounded

David Mchedlidze

On September 9 the Obiektivi Studio co-founder Mamuka Gobechia, the media union reports, has been wounded at his apartment. Threats are being leveled against the studio chief Irma Inashvili.

According to the statement released by the media union Giorgi Kavlashvili, a high official of one of the law enforcement agencies is the crime suspect. Giorgi Kavlashvili is the neighbor of the victim of the incident. The conflict ensued from the quarrel over the parking of the car owned by the guest of the Obiektivi Studio co-founder.

 Obiektivi, based on the clarification provided by the witnesses, reports that Giorgi Kavlashvili was irritated by the parking of an unknown car. Without waiting for Gobechia’s guest to re-park the auto he first leveled threats and after the verbal abuse he slashed Mamuka Gobechia with a sharp weapon.

“The victim of the incident was hospitalized. The representatives of the patrol police and other law enforcement agencies (most likely Department of the Constitutional Security (KUD) arrived on the scene. As far as we are concerned the tyre as well as the headlight of Giorgi Kavlashvili’s costly Jeep was damaged and driven to the entrance. During the incident the auto was parked on another spot. We suppose the damage was done to the car on purpose to instigate a false charge against Gobechia, quasi the victim slit the tyro of the suspect-owned car and smashed the headlight,” reads the statement by the studio.

Thus far the representatives of the law enforcement have not provided any comments.

Obiektivi also points out that in the recent period different kind of threats and pressure have been applied against its journalists. In particular the studio chief Irma Inashvili has been leveled life threats via Facebook. Through the social network, the studio alleges, the letters of threats have been sent to Mamuka Gobechia accused of high treason.

Media union Obiektivi calls on the law enforcement to launch investigation into the threats and the assault Gobechia.







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