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26.06.2012 08:32

Play TV – New Frequency TV

Maia Tsiklauri

Imedi TV owner Company Georgian Media Production Group has launched a new frequency channel – Play TV.  The channel mainly airs gambling games.  Play TV (Aisi TV-Company LLC) and its broadcasting license were purchased by Georgian Media Production Group 22 February 2012. 

Play TV (Aisi TV-Company LLC) is the legal successor of Iberia TV.  According to the Georgian National Communications Commission website the latter owned general broadcasting license inTbilisifor years.  In 2009 the GNCC modified the license and Aisi TV-Company LLC gained license of private TV-broadcasting; specialized (educational, musical, entertainment) broadcasting. 

Joseph Mgeladze was the owner of 100% of Aisi shares.  22 February 2012 Georgian Media Production Group purchased the 100% of Aisi shares.  Georgian Media Production Group itself became the owner of 100% of Imedi TV at the end of 2011. 

Aisi resumed broadcasting under the name of Play TV this June and the channel mainly airs championships in gambling games. 

According to the information requested from the GNCC “Aisi was broadcasting before that also and suspension of its broadcasting for more than 120 days during a year, or over 3 months a year has not been detected.” 

Play TV has already been included in the service packages of such large cable companies as Silk TV, Caucasus TV and Super TV. 

According to the information posted at the GNCC website Joseph Mgeladze is still the sole owner of Aisi TV-Company.  Information on change of shareholders cannot be found at the website. 

Despite that, according to the information received from the GNCC “information on selling of shares by Aisi previous owners has been provided to the GNCC within legal deadlines.” 

According to the data of the Business Registry Joseph Mgeladze worked as Director of Elit Electronics chain of stores during June-October 2011.  Until 2007 owner of Aisi was Bidzina Nizharadze.  His Company Geo Trans owned 78% ofRustavi2 broadcasting company in 2006.  At that time he purchased those shares from businessman Kibar Khalvashi. 

Online gambling website was launched on 1 June 2012; the website is officially owned by Casino Adjara LLC. was told in that Play TV is their TV-Company, although did not find the contact telephone number of the channel.  Information centers do not have data bout the new channel either.  







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