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04.05.2012 16:13

Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics Responds to Restriction of Journalists’ Professional Activities

David Mchedlidze

The Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics condemns irresponsiveness of the investigative bodies in regard to the violence against journalists.

According to the May 4 statement released by the Charter of Ethics the organization condemned the May 3 violence exercised by public servants against journalists in Kutaisi and Poti and called upon the Ministry of Internal Affairs to launch investigation. But within 24 hours off of the incident a similar incident took place.

Cameramen Otar Dalakishvili and Tamar Zartania of Netgazeti and LivePress having arrived at the Prosecutor’s Office in Zugdidi to verify the reports on the bomb therein were seized video cameras. Only after the deletion of the footage the cameras were given back.

 “Recently observed frequent cases of violence against journalists tend to be hazardous, the danger of further increase in the cases of violence, blackmail and beating within the pre-election period is running up,” reads the statement.

The Organization believes that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia should immediately launch investigation into the given cases and at the same report publicly on the investigation process.







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