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06.03.2012 14:33

Dimitri Gabunia – Lien has been Imposed on Maka Asatiani’s Property because of Maestro

Maia Tsiklauri
Dimitri gabunia (photo: )

Dimitri Gabunia Maka Asatiani’s lawyer, assesses the Supreme Court decision to seize the 20% share of Mecedes Georgia from Maka Asatiani’s family as an oppression of Maestro TV.  Gabunia held a press-conference on the given issue on March 6. 

“We have ground to suspect that all this is happening because of Maestro as Maka Asatiani is funding Maestro.  They are trying to limit property rights for all businesses that Maka Asatiani has in Georgia, in order to prohibit her to fund Maestro.  Government does this by means of different persons.  I must stress that even if they try to take away everything from Maka Asatiani in Georgia, still a hundred times higher funding will come to Maestro,” Gabunia told 

According to him, Maka Asatiani’s whole property in Georgia, which is worth “millions of dollars”, is under lien, although the lien does not concern Maestro.  Maka Asatiani owns 25% of Maestro TV.  According to Gabunia “government is trying to reach Maka’s share in Maestro.” 

Maka Asatiani fully funds Maestro TV at the given moment:  she is paying journalists’ salaries; she has purchased a new office for the broadcaster and has funded full technical equipment of the channel. 

Supreme Court of Georgia made a verdict on putting a lien on Asatiani’s property on February 22 2012.  By the verdict Maka Asatiani’s, her sister’s and her mother’s (Salome Asatiani and Luiza Tavartkiladze) 20% shares of AKA LLC (Mercedes Georgia) has been seized and given in ownership to David Dzotsenidze.  Dzotsenidze is a former partner of AKA LLC and has been trying to return his share since 2007. 

According to AKA LLC lawyer Roin MIgrauli, Dzotsenidze was dismissed from the post of the Company Director in 1996 due to misappropriated Company funds.  In parallel he voluntarily gave up his share.  MIgrauli says that there are all the necessary documents confirming the given facts. He believes that the Supreme Court has made a wrong decision, as David Dzotsenidze has given up his property himself. 

“The Court must have also considered the fact that 12-year case validity period has expired,” Migrauli stressed. 

Maka Asatiani’s lawyer Dimitri Gabunia plans to appeal to the Prosecutor’s Office for launching a criminal case against David Dzotsenidze for misappropriating money.  Gabunia also requests the Public Defender to launch an investigation of the given case.  







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