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13.01.2012 13:28

Alania to Manage PIK till the end of 2012

Maia Tsiklauri

Board of Trustees of the Public Broadcaster has given the permission to the General Director to sign contract on granting right of management of the third channel of the PB First Informational Caucasian (PIK) with Alania LLC.  According to the contract Alania will manage PIK from January 17 to December 31 2012. 

Alania LLC was the only company to participate in the tender for the right of management of PIK

Company K One that has been managing PIK since 2010 (contract expiring on January 16) has not participated in the tender.  K One LLC founders are Ekaterine Kotrikadze and Robert Psarsons.  Ekaterine Kotrikadze is the current director of PIK and Robert Parsons was its advisor until today.   

Ekaterine Kotrikadze clarified in an interview with Radio Liberty why K One did not participate in the tender.  According to her, they did not want to do it without Robert Parsons and due to the lack of management experience the company would fail to properly manage PIK independently.  Kotrikadze said she will continue in PIK as the head of information service. 

According to the Law on Broadcasting and Tenders Alania will be responsible for making up the PIK programming with locally produced and purchased programs to secure at least 18-hour daily broadcasting of the channel. GEL 14 million will be allocated from the State budget to Alania for executing the given obligation.  Region TV-company is the owner of Alania LLC. 

Aleko Parulava, who has been working at deputy director of PIK K One last several months is the Director of Alania.  







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