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10.10.2011 12:23

Google Posts Data for Georgia

David Mchedlidze

Google has posted geospatial data on Georgia. From now on any interested user can find detailed information about Georgia on Google Map.

The National Agency of Public Registry of the Ministry of Justice has been conducting talks with the Google administration.

According to the Ministry spokespersons the public registry had been accumulating geographic and spatial data for a year and a half now to launch detailed information on Georgia on Google.

From Georgia the Google administration was sent a detailed map of the country providing info on roads, mountains, peaks, ferries, rivers as well as other sights and railways. The GIS group of the public registry was working on the interactive map.

The Public Registry, the Ministry of Justice said, has retrieved data from the Institute of Geography, department of statistics and roads, Ministry of Environment and other agencies.

Google Map will be providing tourists with complete information about the means of transport and lodging locations. Through the online map users can easily find streets, the destinations of importance and interest. Each of the destinations is attached with useful information, geographic coordinates and so on.

With the use of the map tools one can measure distance between destinations as well as zooming in and out.







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