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06.01.2011 14:05

GPB Refutes Accusation on Veterans’ Rally

David Mchedlidze

The Georgian Public Broadcasting (GPB) has refuted the accusation on the TV company's inadvertence to the veterans' protest rally and no coverage provided. According to the GPB staff the first and the second channels of the broadcaster had been constantly covering the veterans' rally "including the events directly or indirectly related to the process."

"The initial responsibility of the broadcaster is to timely and fairly provide the audience with the processes ongoing in the country," reads the GPB statement released on January 5.

On January 3, 2011 in the vicinities of Heroes' Square, at the memorial of heroes fallen for the unity of Georgia the patrol police dispersed the protest rally held by the war veterans. Some of the rally participants were detained. The veterans being on hunger strike since November 27 having in self-made tents set up at the memorial demanded relevant "attention" from the authorities.

The dispersal of the rally was on the same day responded by Kavkasia TV having dedicated long TV reports to the event. National channels such as Rustavi 2, Imedi and GPB provided the coverage of the topic on January 4.

According to the clarification provided by GPB the dispersal of the protest rally lacked coverage due to the absence of the footage. The TV coverage of the event was made possible after obtaining the video material featuring the January 3 events at the Heroes' Square.







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