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24.06.2010 20:40

Patriarchy TV Resumes Broadcasts

David Mchedlidze

The Patriarchy TV Ertsulovneba has Resumed broadcasting. According to the TV staff the talks on the resumption of broadcasts were held yesterday evening too. In the course of the talks the Ertsulovneba management was pledged the TV air to be resumed from 10:00 am the following day. The promise was fulfilled.One of the most essential conditions for the resumption of TV air was the TV arrears to be paid off. The arrears are going to be paid gradually.

Currently the Patriarchy owes Evrika TV and Radio Company GEL 111,755. The GEL 31,755 debt out of the given sum shall be paid by Iveria TV company that used to broadcast through the aforementioned frequency. Notwithstanding the scarcity of funding up to now Ertsulovneba has paid Evrika GEL 96,000 in 2009 and GEL 64,000 in 2010.

In addition, according to the Patriarchy TV staff they have applied for a new frequency at the Georgian National Communications Commission.

Ertsulovneba was launched in November 2008 with the blessing of His Holiness and Beatitude Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia, Ilia II. The TV company conducted broadcasts through Ervika TV and Radio company frequency. Due to the arrears Evrika took Ertsulovneba off air on June 21 at 11 am.







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