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11.07.2021 16:25

Internews Georgia on Violence against Georgian Journalists

David Mchedlidze

Journalism activities in Georgia tends to become life-threatening in the country, recent developments on July 5-6 have been an apparent proof to the aforesaid.

On July 5-6, 2021 amidst the protest against Tbilisi Pride, 53 journalists representing over 10 media outlets got injured as a result of attacks by violent groups. Today, July 11, Levan Lashkarava, cameraman, TV Pirveli died due to the injuries. The investigation though is to establish the cause of death.

Internews Georgia would like to point out the State failed to take proper measures to prevent violence, moreover, the attack against media was carried out in the light of full negligence from the State. Hence, the State, along with immediate perpetrators and organizers shall be held responsible for the battery of journalists.

It is noteworthy that despite mass attack against media the investigation incriminated 12 people only while there is a set of video shots identifying offenders. 

Therefore, Internews Georgia flatly demands the investigation to be conducted more effectively and all the perpetrators to be brought to justice.

Internews Georgia also demands the authorities to demonstrate respect to democratic achievements, ensure freedom of speech and expression enshrined in the Constitution as well as freedom and safety of media workers.

Internews Georgia calls on the friends of Georgia as well as the international institutions and the whole civilized world to augment pressure upon Georgian government so that they would unconditionally respect democratic values and provide solid guarantees to ensure safety for domestic media.







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