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23.01.2019 15:42

Ten Local and Seven National Media Outlets selected as Partners of “Strengthening Independent Media in Europe and Eurasia" Project

Internews Georgia has selected ten local and seven national media outlets as 2019 partners in the project “Strengthening Independent Media in Europe and Eurasia”. The partners were selected in merit-based competition. Local media partners are: Gurjaani TV, Mega TV, Guria TV, TV Dia, TV 25, TV 9th Channel, Kakhetis Khma, Speqtri, Samkhretis Karibche and Batumelebi. National media outlets are: ForSet, Indigo, Studio Monitor, JamNews, Liberali, Clickmedia and a group of journalists (Nino Abdaladze and Mariam Ugrekhelidze).

Ten local partners will receive grants of USD 4,500 each to support multimedia content production and distribution. These partners will produce seven thematic packages, comprised of three stories each. In addition, local partners will distribute “GeorgiaPlus” multimedia packages (10), produced by national media partners. Local partners will also receive and distribute, as per interest, “Neighbors” cross-border stories, produced by media partners in all 12 participating countries in the project. The project will provide local journalists and media managers with editorial support, business skills training and mentorship.

National media partners will receive grants of USD 2,000 per each multimedia story package they produce. In all, 10 thematic content packages will be produced by national partners. These stories will cover public affairs issues of national importance. The stories will be shared with local media partners and published by national partners themselves. The best multimedia materials will be translated and shared with media partners in other project countries.

The purpose of the project is to increase citizens’ access to reliable information about local and regional issues of public importance in 12 countries of Europe and Eurasia and strengthen independent media in these countries.

For more information please contact project coordinators Irina Samkharadze (tel: 599 55 34 98, or Shorena Kochiashvili (tel: 598 404401,, at Internews Georgia, 11 Andria Apakidze Street, Tbilisi, Georgia. 








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