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14.06.2017 20:00

Supporting technological innovations in independent media

Three media organizations, Forset, Kakhetis Khma, and Liberali will receive 4000$ each to implement innovative technological journalism projects. Forset will create a website enabling users to obtain information about political party finances pulled from publicly available registers; Liberali will start a website with public data on the public schools in Georgia provided in user friendly formats; Kakhetis Khma will start a website and a web radio for farmers.

These grants will be issued as part of the regional project “Strengthening Independent Media in Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia”, implemented by Internews Georgia in partnership with Internews Network.

The purpose of the project ““Strengthening Independent Media in Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia” is improve access to information and media literacy among citizens of Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia. “Fostering innovation is important because there are so many new and dynamic ways to engage with people around information that is useful to communities, and media have to be at the forefront of this”, said Gillian McCormack, Internews regional director for Europe and Eurasia.

For more information please go to the Internews Georgia Facebook page ( or contact Maia Mikashavidze, project director, (cell: 599 589704, Shorena Kochiashvili, project assistant (cell: 598 404401,, at Internews Georgia, 14/22 Paolo Iashvili Street, Tbilisi, Georgia.  







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