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30.05.2017 21:43

Azerbaijani journalist Afghan Mukhtarli has been missing since the evening of the 29th

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According to his wife Leyla Mustafayeva, he had not been responding to telephone calls, and towards 7 p.m. his phone was no longer working. Mustafayeva had already appealed to the Georgian police for help, and his relatives were afraid that he may have fallen into the hands of Azerbaijani authorities.

Since 2015 Mukhtarli has been living in exile in Tbilisi. He is known as a harsh critic of the Azerbaijani government.

Recently an article appeared in an Azerbaijani government-run news site about "underground" Azerbaijani activists living in Tbilisi. In the article, Mukhtarli was mentioned in addition to the famous surgeon Farman Jeyranov, the Deputy Chairwoman of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan Gozel Bayramli. Jeyranov and Bayramli have recently been detained by the Azerbaijani authorities.

Afgan Mukhtarli said to his lawyer he was kidnapped from his neighborhood in Tbilisi yesterday. He was forced into an Opel car, hands were tied and he was beaten. There are marks on his face and body. Suspicion that a rib broken. The car brought him to outside of Tbilisi. There they put a bag on his head,. He said that he has a heart condition and can't breath. Then they put his shirt on his head and fixed it with plastic tape. In a desert place they changed the car. Later the car was changed once more. People in the last car spoke Azerbaijani. When he was taken out of the car, he found himself in the border point. There they planted and found money - 10 thousands euro in his pocket. He is charged with 318.1 (trespassing) and 206.1 (smuggling), Afgan said people who detained him didn't identify themselves but looked like official law enforcement of Georgia. Lawyer Elchin Sadigov demanded forensic of his body and camera footage from border







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