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15.08.2015 14:17

" Court"s ruling doesn"t fully meet the standards of the fair trial,"- Ombudsman on seizure of Rustavi2"s assets

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Ucha Nanuashvili released a statement where is underlined that the ruling doesn"t fully meet the standards considered for ensuring a free trial.  The Public Defender considers that the Court"s decision violates the  principle in limitation of rights.  Reportedly , the court has limited the right of ownership to a greater extent than it was required by the applicant"s legitimate goal. It  may be a real threat to the realization of freedom of expression by independent television station.

As the Public Defender reports,  the Court has limited such  extent of property rights, which may be detrimental to the broadcasting company"s activities.  May hinder remuneration for journalists, their employment, purchase of   technical equipment, broadcasting new TV programs and other. In addition, the court did not explain how   the restriction of such volume of rights  responds to the applicants" legitimate interests .

" The situation may be a hindrance to the functioning of a broadcasting company, and therefore, hinder the realization of freedom of expression and media freedom, as far as the court process may take several months and even year,"- is stated in an announcement. 







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