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10.08.2015 19:25

"In short, the lawsuit is ridiculous," - Rustavi 2 lawyer

The court will consider the case of Rustavi 2"s shares. Judge Tamaz Urtmelidze has acepted into proceedings Kibar Khalvashi`s lawsuit, accordingly the decision on the seizure of Rustavi2 assets remains in forc. rustavi 2 has limited time for appealing as up to now it waswas unknown for the company what materials the decision of the judje was based.
"To cut it shortly the lawsuit is rediculous and the judge"s verdict - shocking. The firts part of the lawsuit deals with copyrights. Kibar Khalvashi claims to be the author of Rustavi 2 logo as well as the author of such projects as "The last Hero", "GeoBar" and "Ford Boyard", which is really hilarious, and he asks for 500 thousand US dollars compensation from the company, "- says Rustavi 2 lawyer, Tamta Muradashvili explained that Rustavi 2 logo has always been created by creative effort of the marketing department and graphic designers . Tamta Muradashvili expressed doubt that Kibar Khalvashi that creative .
"In addition, these programs are international projects and those who have even a day worked in television, or watched TV, know that this is international format of the licensed projects, and we buy these projects - Ford Boyard from France, while GeoBar from Sweden. If Kibar Khalvashi claims to be the author of these projects , he could sue other international TV stations for violating his copyrights with the same success .

As to the second part of the lawsuit Kibar Khalvashi claims taht he was forced to give away his shares. It should be noted that the evidence submitted is also rediculous - the copies of the sales contract are simply attached to the file.This is the only evidence. Therefore, is totally unclear how the judge made such a decision based on such a claim., "- explained Tamta Muradashvili .
As the deadline for filing a lawsuit in connection with the seizure of Muradashvili expire on August 12, and materials processing the claim within the period established by the Company to enter the court.







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