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08.08.2015 18:00

"Functioning of the media outlets should not be hindered ", - Usupashvili on the seizure of Rustavi 2 property

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The Speaker of the Georgian Parliament, Davit Usupashvili spoke about the lawsuit filed against Rustavi-2 in an interview to public Broadcaster.
He said, that the topics related to Rustavi 2 ownership and shares has become a great epic.

"Now is not the time to joke about these issues, I remember how Rustavi 2was founded. Unfortunately, the topics related to Rustavi 2 ownership and shares has become a great epic.I wish that the dispute between the parties is soved as quickly as possible , "- Usupashvili stated.

He expressed the hope that the courts and judges will take a lawfull decision. According to him, the court will do its best in order not to hinder the functioning of the media during the dispute of the former and current owners..

I would like to see less political noise around this process , but it"s probably a little bit difficult due to Rustavi 2`s nature.

"The decisions in the first place should be consistent with the law , but it is not that easy when dealing with politically engaged organization. We have to know that the law does not ban the media outlets to be politically biased. Thie population is to decide - what to watch, "- stated Davit Usupashvili.

According to him, the priority is to not impede the functioning of the media.

He said that the private TV stations are free and work the way they want to.

The Speaker called the events surrounding Rustavi 2 the legal dispute.

According to him, the government ishould take measures to ensure that the process is transparent.

According to him, this process must be one of the main thing is that the media will not create insurmountable problems.







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