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20.02.2014 14:08

Constitutional Court suspends process of formation of GPB Board of Trustees

Gela Bochikashvili

საკონსტიტუციო სასამართლო

Georgian Constitutional Court accepted lawsuit lodged by the Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB) Board of Trustees against Georgian Parliament.  By 19 February decision the Court suspended the norms of the Law on Broadcasting according to which the GPB Board of Trustees must be formed by new rules, until final verdict on the case is made. 

Court will discuss only the part of the GPB Board of Trustees lawsuit according to which Trustees appeal against suspension of their authority due to amendments made to the Law on Broadcasting.  (According to Article 29 of Georgian Constitution, each citizen of Georgia has the right to work at any State position.) 

Current Board of Trustees of the GPB believes that amendments made to the Law on Broadcasting stopped authority of old Board of Trustees ahead of time, which, as they believe, is a harsh interference with GPB activities by the government.  Board indicated in the lawsuit that the aforementioned amendments violated Article 24 (freedom of expression), Article 29 (right to occupy state position) and Article 30 (right to work) of Georgian Constitution. 

According to amendments made, Board of Trustees must be formed by new rules and current Board of Trustees does not have the right to make decisions until the Board is elected by new rules – they are not able to approve broadcasting priorities and budget. 

GPB Board of Trustees lodged the lawsuit to Constitutional Court 4 December 2013.  Constitutional Court held preliminary hearings on the given case 6 February.  







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