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13.01.2014 16:48

Employee Layoff at TV Company Guria

Aleksandre Keshelashvili

ტელეკომპანია გურია

Starting from 2014, TV company Guria will work with reduced staff. 7 employees have been dismissed as a result of personnel optimization on the television. Director general of the company, Zurab Gobronidze said in his conversation with Media.Ge, that the staff reduction had been determined by financial reasons.

“We’ve encountered difficulties in our work due to our being on a self-financing. We tried to mobilize funds after New Year, but currently we’re working with reduced staff,”- Gobronidze stated.

Even involvement of Georgian Media Partnership Program(GMPP) to help the television sustain itself hasn’t yield positive results. Within the framework of the given project American partner televisions deliver to the regional broadcasters of Georgia trainings in various fields, including marketing. TV company Guria was one of the winners of the program, nonetheless, Gobronidze says, the functioning of the television is being hindered by technical difficulties like, for instance, the malfunctioning tower that fuses frequently. All this adds up to additional expenses.

“Now we’re talking about big sums, and no project whatsoever can help us for that matter. However, we want the television to be self-financed, and, thus, we’re not seeking help from the local self-government or NGOs,”- Zurab Gobronidze reports to Media.Ge

TV company Guria is currently broadcasting in its routine mode, with the personnel comprised of 11 persons. Speaking with Media.Ge Gobronidze stated in the meantime that they might possibly bring one of their journalists back in the staff. “We’ve combined the remaining journalists various tasks to perform. There are still certain things to be settled; our financial condition is not completely clear for the moment. If we manage to reach a minimum economic stability, we may get 1 journalist back to work.

Former Guria TV employee Tengo Kvachantiradze has already confirmed his leaving the television.

“I’m not working in the TV company since January due to financial problems. However, I know that it’s temporary situation, and I’ll be back in case funds are procured,”- Kvachantiradze stated to Media.Ge

TV company Guria was founded in 1991. It covers 80% of Ozurgeti Municipality and 25% of Chokhatauri Municipality. The television that has won many grant contests is the only broadcaster in the region.







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