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09.01.2014 23:01

Government and President Reach an Accord on Nominees for GNCC Membership

Gela Bochikashvili

გიორგი მარგველაშვილი

Government of Georgia and President Margvelashvili have reached an accord on three candidates to be approved by the Parliament of Georgia for the membership of the Board of the Georgian National Communications Commission (GNCC). The list of candidates signed by Prime Minister was sent back to the Administration of the President of Georgia on January 8.

To the Parliament the President of Georgia will present Sergo Shavgulidze, Kakhi Bekauri and Tamaz Inashvili for GNCC membership. In line with law President Margvelashvili is not limited in time in terms of the submission of the list of nominees for final approval. Within two weeks following the submission of candidates the Parliament shall vote for the candidates proposed by the President of Georgia.

New regulations for selecting and presenting GNCC membership nominees were set based on recent amendments made to the Georgian Law on Broadcasting. The amendments came into effect following President Margvelashvili’s inauguration.

According to the Georgian Law on Broadcasting a person willing to take up the given position shall have public recognition and trust, apart from the aforementioned qualities, s/he must have master’s degree, or an academic degree equal thereto, in economy, public administration, business administration, law and electronic communications, as well as at least a 10-year working experience in the appropriate field, three of which spent on a managerial position.

In line with recent amendments President no longer enjoys a right to select, on his own, the list of candidates to be submitted to the Parliament. President shall conduct consultations with the government to select candidates. The list shall be forwarded to the Parliament for final approval after the list gets signed by the Prime Minister of Georgia.

As of today there is another vacancy in the GNCC. The seat became vacant after Irakli Chikovani voluntarily quit his position, and Karlo Kvitashvili was suspended from office by the Parliament of Georgia.

GNCC membership is one of the most well-paid jobs in Georgia. Monthly remuneration for the Commissioner elected to the position amounts to GEL 13,000. 







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