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26.12.2013 11:44

UNM Nominates Ninia Kakabadze and Ketevan Mskhiladze for Board Membership

Maia Tsiklauri

ქეთევან მსხილაძე

ნინია კაკაბაძე


On December 25 to the Parliament of Georgia the United National Movement (UNM) presented two nominees, in particular Ninia Kakabadze and Ketevan Mskhiladze, under the Board membership at the Georgian Public Broadcasting (GPB).

Ninia Kakabadze is a film critic. She is a PhD student at Ilia University. Since 2011 she has been an invited author of the Maestro TV program Opinions of the Week. Since 2012 Ninia Kakabadze has been working for online television Artarea.

Ketevan Mskhiladze is the English-language editor for the Tabula magazine. She is a co-founder of none-governmental organization Media Development Foundation. Throughout year she has been the head of GPB‘s monitoring team.

“They have been repeatedly outstanding in terms of faithfulness to their principles and impartiality,” MP Sergo Ratiani of UNM told Media.Ge.

The criteria applied by the ad hoc commission electing candidates were incomprehensible to UNM, he said, thereupon some of the applicants were repelled from the contest. Ratiani believes that some of the praiseworthy candidates failed to be among 27 shortlisted nominees, he though refrained from identifying them. UNM nominated Kakabadze and Mskhiladze out of 27 candidates shortlisted by the contest commission based on the applications, broadcasting concepts and interviews.

High council of Adjara AR already presented Geno Gelade, and Public Defender – Marina Muskhelishvili and Lela Gafrindashvili. The parliamentary majority has not reached a decision thus far, they are entitled to present three candidates. It is also unclear who is going to be presented by MPs outside majority. Thus far Media.Ge has failed to enquire into the issue at the parliamentary committee for procedural issues.

According to the Georgian Law on Broadcasting the candidates will be presented to the parliament in the following order – Public Defender (two nominees), High Council of Adjara Ar (Geno Gelade), MPs outside majority (three nominees), and parliamentary majority (three nominees).







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