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17.12.2013 12:59

Parliamentary majority MP requests prolongation of GPB Trustee selection competition

Nata Dzvelishvili

დავით საგანელიძე

Parliamentary majority MP David Saganelidze believes that the deadline for Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB) Board of Trustees membership must be prolonged.  The deadline for submission of applications expired 12 December. 

“There are individuals who are not in the list of candidates just because they did not have information about it.  I believe it very unfortunate and believe it is a serious mistake, Saganelidze said in an interview with Rustavi 2 17 December.  According to him, he will discuss the prolongation of the deadline with the Chairman of Parliament. 

Gia Volsky agrees to Saganelidze’s position and says that it must be discussed how possible it is to prolong the deadline as set by the law. 

“It would be very unfortunate if a worthy candidate for the Board membership remained outside,” Voslky stressed. 

Natia Kuprashvili, member of the GPB Board of Trustees selection commission sees no grounds for prolonging the deadline.  According to her the 15-day deadline for submission of applications was quite enough. 

“These MPs have themselves voted for coinciding amendments to the law and set the competition deadlines.  Details of commission work term are also defined in the law.  68 candidates have registered to the competition.  They are quite worthy candidates; the competition in in process so I don’t understand why the deadline has to be prolonged.  I request Saganelidze and Volsky to directly name those persons who they think must be on the board but did not have time to apply,” Natia Kuprashvili stressed. 

The 9-member competition commission will 17 December nominate the candidates that will be interviewed during next three days.  21 December the Commission will announce the final list of candidates.  Commission members must approve a list of minimum 27 candidates and nominate to Parliament for approval.  From these 27, 3 candidates will be selected by Parliamentary majority, 3 by minority, 1 by Adjara Supreme Council and 2 by the Public Defender. 

Total of 9 Trustees will be selected. 

After the Board will be formed by new rules a ballot will be conducted among the new Trustees and the terms for their authority will be defined.  According to the draft law three Trustees are elected for 2 years, three for 4 years and three for 6 years. 

Board of Trustees of the GPB was dismissed this October after two Trustees left it.  Before that term of four Trustees expired and two positions became vacant one year before; nobody expressed desire to apply tfor these two vacancies.  Due to that Parliament fastened coming into force of the formation of the Board of Trustees according to the new norms, which according to the Law on Broadcasting were to come into force starting 2014.  







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