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28.11.2013 16:51

Maestro Scores Third Between Broadcasters in Terms of Income Gained

Nata Dzvelishvili


In the third quarter of 2013 the Georgian National Communications Commission published revised version of the broadcasters’ income, which, as compared to the previous year’s version, as well includes the incomes of TV company Maestro, PIK, and radio Sakartvelo( Fortuna, Fortuna+, Ar Daidardo, and Auto Radio).

According to information submitted to the Commission, Maestro’s income in the third quarter of the current year is GEL 298,085, obtained only from advertisement. Such results place Maestro on the third place between the other broadcasters.

Rustavi 2 has gained the greatest income of all- GEL 6,182,987. Compared with Rustavi 2, Imedi’s income has been 2 times lower. The income it got in the third quarter is GEL 3,180,77.

PIK LLC, whose frequency is being used by TV3 since September, has also submitted its results. PIK’s income from its airtime selling has brought the company GEL 12, 500. However, PIK didn’t specify from where it has got its main income- GEL 70, 339. The company specified the given sum in the “other” column. The form submitted to the Commission as well implies separate specification of income derived from technical service.

In whole, a broadcaster that hasn’t been creating its own content for a year, managed to derive during three months the income of GEL 82, 839.

Radio Sakartvelo, that owns four radios- Fortuna, Fortuna+, Ar Daidardo, and Auto Radio, has got the highest income between radios, scoring the total of GEL 1,66,253. GEL 670, 370 from that sum has been derived from advertisement, and GEL 332, 250 is the money got from sponsorship.

Radio Imedi has the second place in the list, with GEL 291, 952 over three months.

The income submitted by Pirveli Radio(Radio1) has as well been added to the data. It has managed to obtain GEL 97, 505 from advertisement and sponsorship, which has placed it on the third place.

Broadcasters submit their financial information to the Commission through electronic system. They log in by entering the username and password, fill the form, which is then automatically stored. Nonetheless, they can also make corrections at a later time. Such corrections are either made by the employees of the Commission apparatus or broadcasters themselves revise their data.







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