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11.11.2013 23:33

10 candidates apply for GNCC membership

Nata Dzvelishvili

კომუნიკაციების ეროვნული კომისია

Applications for the vacant position of a member of the Georgian National Communications Commission (GNCC) have been submitted by ten candidates; among the candidates are: Konstantine Khajalia, Zaur Otiashvili, David Jikia, Giorgi Kharatishvili and Miron Chigogidze.

Applications have also been submitted by Tea Goguadze Apfel, living in Berlin and  Otar Patarkalishvili.

Following candidates have once again applied for GNCC membership: Noshrevan Zhgenti (Akhali Kselebi), Sopio Khorguani (former member of the Georgian Party) and Giorgi Choladze (Georgian Media Holding).

President Mikheil Saakashvili announced competition for GNCC membership for the second time as Parliament did not approve any of the three candidates nominated by President after the first competition. Among those three candidates was Giorgi Choladze. MPs did not vote for his candidate either, although he submitted application for the second time.

Noshrevan Zhgenti and Sopio Khorguani also participated in the first competition although they were not chosen by President among the shortlisted three candidates.

According to the Law on Broadcasting candidate for GNCC membership must be publicly recognized and trusted person with higher education. Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili must within 10 days submit to Georgian Parliament 3 shortlisted candidates to the vacant position at the GNCC.

Within 30 days after nomination of candidates (in case of Parliamentary holidays within 15 days after the resumption of sessions) Parliament must by secret ballot vote for a candidate to GNCC membership.

The candidate with the majority of votes of the attending members of Parliament, and no less than one-third of the votes of all members of Parliament shall be selected for the post of Commissioner.

Position of GNCC member is one of the highest paid in Georgia (monthly salary of GEL 13 thousand.) GNCC member position became vacant after Irakli Chikovani, who also took office of Chairman of the Commission before, resigned from post.







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