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05.11.2013 18:15

Adjara TV and Radio Advisory Board formed by only Georgian Dream Candidates

Gela Bochikashvili

ტელეკომპანია აჭარა

5 November the Supreme Council of the Adjara Autonomous Republic voted for candidates for the two cavant positions at the Advisory Board of the Adjara Televisoin and Radio.  As result of voting to the two vacant positions have been approved faction Georgian Dream candidate Vakhtang Glonti and faction Georgian Dream – Adjara candidate Olga Zhgenti.  17 October to the same positions have been approved three candidates.  All three candidates were nominated by the majority coalition Georgian Dream faction members. 

12 MPs of the Supreme Council voted for Zhgenti’s and Glonti’s candidatures with 8 votes against.  Irakli Dartsmelide and Bezhan Gobadze, candidates of the National Movement faction and United National Movement respectively, also were nominated to the above mentioned vacant positions.  Supreme Council discussed Dartsmelidze’s and Gobadze’s candidatures for the second time.  At 17 October session they did not receive necessary votes (minimum 11).  They both received 8 votes pro and 12 votes con.  One of the members of the Council David Batsikadze refused to vote at 5 November session. 

Georgian Dream Coalition factions nominated their candidates after the Adjara Supreme Council majority did not support the National Movement candidates.  Law did not restrict the Georgian Dream to again nominate candidates for the membership in the Advisory Board. 

For today all 5 members of the Adjara Television and Radio Advisory Board are representatives of the Georgian Dream Coalition.  Members of the Advisory Board are – Olga Zhgenti, Vakhtang Glonti, Rusudan (Nata) Imedaishvili, Giorgi Iremadze and Zaza Khalvashi. 

According to the Law on Broadcasting the Advisory Board of the Adjara Television and Radio has 5 members elected for a 6-year term.  By the legislation, they are elected to majority (minimum 11 votes) of the Adjara Supreme Council members. 

Priorities of the candidates participating in 5 November voting

Vakhtang Glonti believes that Adjara Television and Radio must cover the cultural-ethnographic and geographic specifics of the regions of Georgia, especially Adjara; to increase state and civil awareness of population and introduce democratic values – supremacy of the law, mutual respect and equality. 

He believes that additional revenues (advertisements) of the television must be used for improving qualification of employees, purchasing of new equipment and switchover of the channel to digital broadcasting. 

Adjara TV and radio must be oriented at serving the public and political forces should not have influence on its activities – another candidate for membership of the Advisory Board Olga Zhgenti says in the submitted Concept. 

She believes one of the priorities for the channel must be launching of investigative journalism programs, which will be aimed at monitoring government activities. 

“When covering minority issues the distribution must be on proportional coverage of the interests of different minorities,” Zhgenti says in her Concept. 

Irakli Dartsmelidze believes that the television must serve the people – to cover what is interested to the public.  Dartsmelidze says that Adjara TV and Radio must focus on events underway in regions. 

He believes it necessary to make programs on property status of current and former authorities. 

“Regular viewer must know about financial status of MPs elected by them, government members and other officials working in Adjara,” Dartsmelidze’s Concept reads. 

Bezhan Gobadze emphasizes covering of social problems.  His programmatic priority is coverage of activieis of public authorities, archive-based programs and coverage of different religious and ethnic groups.  







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