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15.10.2013 10:48

Maestro TV Changes Hands

Gela Bochikashvili

ბაია გადაბაძე

Baia Gadabadze has been appointed Director General of TV company Maestro. Previously she worked as a producer for the same company. The decision on her appointment to the position of Director General was made by the owners of the channel. No relevant changes have been yet made to the public registry.

Now former Director General Ilia Kikabidze, replaced by Gadabadze, said he is going to take up other functions on the channel.

Mamuka Glonti, co-owner of the channel says Gadabadze is a talented producer with excellent managerial skills, therefore we centered on her.

 “We have no doubts about her honesty and professionalism, throughout years she has been working for Maestro on different programs and she was outstanding,” said Mamuka Glonti reporting to Media.Ge.

Baia Gadabadze is planning to launch reorganization. Prior to the reorganization she would like to invite foreign consultants and retrain staff, thereupon some of the employees may change positions.

 “I have been working for Maestro for long now. And now we started this kind of relation. There was an offer made and since they consider I am capable to do this job, I did accept it. Our viewpoints about certain issues match and hopefully our co-operation will be fruitful,” Baia Gadabadze told Media.Ge.

In September of this year Nika Tabatadze was being considered for this position. The talks between Maestro TV founders and Tabatadze though failed.

 “We do respect Tabatadze as a professional but the agreement with him somehow did not work,” said Glonti. 

According to public registry data Maestro TV owners include Mamuka Glonti (15 percent), Levan Chikvaidze (15 percent), Ekaterine Akobia (5 percent), Giorgi Gachechiladze (25 percent), and Maka Asatiani (25 percent).








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