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04.10.2013 10:26

“There has been pressure on Avtandil Antidze from high officials,” – Emzar Goguadze

Gela Bochikashvili

ემზარ გოგუაძე

Chairman of the Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB) Board of Trustees Emzar Goguadze says that there has been pressure from high officials on one of the members of the Board of Trustees Avtandil Antidze, who has written a statement on resignation from the Board. 

According to Goguadze, Antidze has many times told other Trustees and him about the pressure being put on him. 

“Avtandil Antidze kept saying that he was having certain proposals if he would leave the Board of Trustees,” Emzar Goguadze stressed. 

According to Goguadze, he has also been spoken to about leaving the Board of Trustees.  He plans to reveal those who have spoken to him at 4 October press-conference. 

GPB Board of Trustees expects notification from Parliament about dismissal of Trustees 4 October. 

In case if Parliament dismisses Avtandil Antidze from the Board of Trustees only 7 Trustees will remain on the Board. 

20 September 2013 another Trustee Eka Mazmishvili also appealed to the President of Georgia with the request to dismiss her from the Board. 

Maestro TV reports that Eka Mazmishvili appealed to Parliament 30 September and Avtandil Antidze on 1 October to Parliament of Georgia with the request to leave the Board of Trustees. 

According to Law on Broadcasting, member of the GPB Board of Trustees must appeal in written form to Parliament of Georgia with the request for dismissal. 

According to Article 80 of the General Administrative Code of Georgia, Administrations of the President and Prime Minister of Georgia are obliged to within 5 days send the statement for resignation and other relevant documents to Parliament of Georgia. 

If less than 8 Trustees remain on the Board it will not be able to approve the new Director General of the GPB, while the deadline for applications to the vacancy expires 12 October.  Along with that the GPB needs minimum GEL 2,500,000 loan for launching the new TV season.  Board of Trustees must give consent for taking loan to the GPB Management.  7-member Board of Trustees does not have the authority to make such authorization.  







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