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30.09.2013 19:00

Members of Board of Trustees Pressed to Quit Board - Emzar Goguadze

Gela Bochikashvili

ემზარ გოგუაძე

The members of the Board of Trustees of the Georgian Public Broadcasting (GPB) are being allegedly pressed to quit the Board. The Board believes pressure upon Board members is going to affect broadcaster’s financial issues, reads the statement released by the Board of Trustees, any particular examples are not though cited in the statement.

“The signs of pressure are evident, can’t tell you the rest. A call to me was one of them,” Board chairperson Emzar Goguadze told Media.Ge.

The Board’s statement clarifies that in the near future the society will learn about the persons and structures to be shoulder responsibility for the ongoing developments at the broadcaster. Over the issue the Board sitting is shoulder to be held on October 1. Emzar Goguadze is planning to conduct a briefing on October 2.

According to the clarification provided by the Board the accusation by a part of the society over the delay of the receipt of the commercial credit is untrue and the protracted crediting process is due to the study being conducted into the broadcaster’s financial conditions. To accomplish current TV season the broadcaster is in need for additional GEL 2, 5 mln. The broadcaster’s financial service is going to raise a loan, and for that purpose the Board’s consent is needed. The Board though cannot issue a decision unless at least eight Commissioners are present at the sitting.

Currently there are nine members in the Board, two of them though are willing to quit the Board. According to the Media.Ge source Avtandil Antidze submitted an application for resignation on September 27. Antidze made a request to the Prime Minister over his resignation.

On September 20 of this year Eka Mazmishvili publicized her decision on quitting the Board. With the request she applied to President Saakashvili.

According to the Georgian Law on Broadcasting the Commissioner willing to resign shall apply to the President of Georgia. The Commissioner will be considered resigned after Commissioner’s application is officially delivered to the Parliament. 

According to Article 80 of the General Administrative Code of Georgia the administration of the President of Georgia and the administration of Prime Minister shall, within five days, forward the application and attached documents to the Parliament of Georgia. 

In case the Board happens to retain only seven members it will be deprived of an authority to approve Director General. Deadline of the contest for the vacancy of Director General is due to expire on September 12.  







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