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18.09.2013 07:20

Tskhinvali official threatens to detain Georgian journalists

Goga Aptsiauri. Gori

Representatives of South Ossetian de facto republic threatened Georgian journalists with detainment.  17 September representatives of border-guard forces of Russia and de facto republic appeared in Ditsi and resumed installing the so called border fences.  As result of these fences, at the occupied territory come 4 houses, family cemetery of the Beruashvilis, agricultural lands and headwork of irrigation water. TV-Company Maestro crew arrived in Ditsi to film how Russian border guards were installing the fences.  Representative of government of the de facto republic Robert Gazaev threatened journalist Ia Tinikashvili to detain her if she would not leave the territory immediately. 

“Gazaev was aggressive and said that we were at the territory of South Ossetia and forced us to leave and go to Georgia-controlled territory; there is no sign here where the territory of South Ossetia is,” Ia Tinikashvili told  


It is noteworthy that Robert Gazaev is the representative of Ossetian side in the incidents prevention and response working group and during some time even headed Ossetian delegation in negotiations.  Before the incident with journalists Gazaev physically abused Ditsi resident Ilia Beruashvili and the given fact was observed by the EU Observers Mission representatives.  Later representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs arrived in Ditsi and held negotiations with Ossetian and Russian sides.  The given meeting was covered by almost all television channels, printed and online publications.  After the negotiations journalists went for a comment to Robert Gazaev who started shouting and requested journalists to leave the territory as, according to him, were trespassing territory of South Ossetia.  He threated to detain each of them.  Finally Gazaev went away from journalists himself and the incident finished.  







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