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06.09.2013 13:37

Chairman of the GPB Board of Trustees speaks about oppression

Gela Bochikashvili

ემზარ გოგუაძე

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Georgian Public Broadacaster (GPB) Emzar Goguadze speaks about pressure put on him.  According to him, 5 September, a day before the session of the Board of Trustees at which the decision was made to dismiss the GPB Director General he found Irakli Tsibadze in his office; according to him, Tsibadze is counterintelligence officer. 

“He told me if I would change the decision (it is surprising how he could know ahead of time about my decision) than his bosses would help me and would suggest post of any minister and position of chairman of the future Board also,” Emzar Goguadze stressed. 

“I asked him if his boss Irakli Garibashvili knew about it.  This is a threat to our broadcaster to our country.  With such dirty methods our country may go into chaos,” Goguadze said and stated that he has already addressed Minister of Internal Affairs Irakli Garibashvili with the request to study Irakli Tsibadze’s authority. 

Goguadze clarified that as he knows Tsibadze has GPB pass and uses a car intended for the members of the Board of Trustees.  “He is not GPB employee and does not get salary; he must have been silent and monitored security issues,” Goguadze stressed. 

Another member of the Board Giorgi Meladze also commented to the given fact.  “This was an unprecedented incident when direct pressure was put on the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.  He was offered a high position for being a loyal employee,” he stressed. 

Head of the Press-Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs did not answer calls.  The MIA has not made official comment yet. 

6 September, Board of Trustees dismissed Giorgi Baratashvili from the position of GPB Director General for the second time.  







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