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10.04.2013 11:02

Alliance of Georgia’s Patriots was meant under the third political force – Irma Inashvili

Tamar Paradashvili

At 10 April press-conference Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili stated that she has spoken with Media Union Obiektivi director Irma Inashvili about the creation of third political force. 

“I told her (Irma Inashvili) to strengthen her party in the direction of third political force,” Ivanishvili stressed. 

Irma Inashvili clarified that under her party Prime Minister meant political union Aliance of Georgia’s Patriots which unites her supporters and comrades. 

“I have been fighting against Saakashvili’s regime together with this people for 9 years.  Despite the fact that I stayed in media, we are still comrades,” Inashvili says. 

Inashvili states that she welcomes the fact that Prime Minister wants third political force to exist in the country. 

“He confirmed the fact that he is not Prime Minister of just Georgian Dream, but promotes stimulation and development of other forces in the country.  I am not glad just because he mentioned only me at today’s meeting, I am glad that Prime Minister is ready to have in the country multiparty political space which will promote democracy in the country,” Inashvili said and stressed that Alliance of Georgia’s Patriots has already started forming into third political force, namely, it has won majority in Kutaisi Sakrebulo and plans to initiate the issue of Kutaisi Mayor’s impeachment.  “Soon the given Alliance will have majority in many Sakrebulo’s of Georgia’s cities and the processes will start,” Inashvili says. 

Prime Minister’s meeting with heads of news services of TV-Companies, chief editors of newspapers and representatives of international media continued for 2,5 hours.  In the meeting participated Giorgi Tevdorashvili (Media Palitra), Lasha Tugushi (Rezonansi Newspaper), Khatia Kvatadze (Maestro), Imeda Darsalia (Ninth Channel), Nino Shubladze (Rustavi 2), Nino Jangirashvili (Kavkasia TV), Baia Tsanava (Imedi TV), Tako Pkhakadze (Prime Time), Irakli Metreveli (France Press), Maia Purseladze (Versia Newspaper), Paata Veshapidze (Newspaper 24 Hours), Giorgi Sharashidze (Georgia Today), Zaza Gachechiladze (Newspaper Messenger), Margarita Antidze and Nino Ivanishvili (Reuters), Helena Bedwell, (Bloomberg), Joseph Goginashvili (Akhali Taoba Newspaper).  







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