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20.06.2013 16:08

Media and NGO Representatives were Entitled to Carry Recording Equipments into MIA during Video Footage Screening

Tamar Paradashvili

“To the meeting media and NGO representatives enjoyed a possibility to carry the filming equipments with which did not rule out the possibility of mobile phone filming of the video shots screened. The Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics believes that the Ministry of Internal Affairs should have allowed for such a possibility and the attendees-owned equipments should have undergone control,” reads the statement.

The Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics is also concerned about the failure of the Ministry to secure full anonymity of the people in the footage and the victims a well as offenders are exposed to identification. 

“At the same time certain individuals, citizens, journalists circulate information allege they had a possibility to watch some of the aforementioned shots earlier, prior to the official invitation of media. The Charter does not understand where and how these people managed to have access to the footage and urges the law enforcement bodies to stave off similar precedents,” reads the statement. 

The Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics calls on the Ministry of Internal Affairs to try every possibility to avoid the dissemination of video footage and conduct the destruction of  the video footage as well as the study into the materials discovered in Samegrelo with maximum publicity but at the same time maintaining full confidentiality and utmost civic consciousness.

In the statement the Charter also calls on media representatives to be extremely careful with the dissemination of information about covert recordings, be more reasonable than State agencies and protect the anonymity of both victims as well as offenders.







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