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15.06.2013 09:07

Patriarch Asks Head of Parliament Allocation of Additional Frequency

Tamar Paradashvili

Due to the disconnection of the Patriarchy’s television “Ertsulovneba” from broadcasting frequency, the Patriarch of Georgia asked the Head of the Parliament allocation of additional frequency.

“Mr. Davit, as you know the Patriarchy’s television  “Ertsulovneba”  has been on air since 2007, which mainly broadcasts programs of cognitive, cultural and patriotic nature. Ertsulovneba had contract with TV Company Evrika, and was, therefore, utilizing its frequency. But the contract expired on May 1, 2013, and the relationship with the channel ceased, and by reason of that our channel had to switch to cable broadcasting. Unfortunately, such service has limited coverage, and  in addition only 40% of our population can afford it, but he desire of watching our channel exists nonetheless,”- reads the statement of the Patriarch, and further says “We are aware of the fact that the regulatory committee doesn’t have a vacant frequency, but if it could, at the instance of the Parliament, allocate an additional frequency, that would be a great support for us and the people. So this is my favor to ask of you.”

FYO, the frequency of TV Evrika, previously utilized by the channel of the Patriarchy, currently accommodates TV Maestro.








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