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24.02.2013 13:48

Giorgi Sanaia’s family requests repeated investigation of his murder

Tamar Paradashvili

გიორგი სანაია

Journalist Giorgi Sanaia’s family requests repeated investigation of the murder of the journalist.  Giorgi Sanaia’s brother, also journalist Vakho Sanaia claims that the family will appeal to the Prosecutor’s Office with the request for repeated investigation. 

According to Vakho Sanaia, “everything was falsified so repeated investigation is necessary.  We will appeal to the Prosecutor’s Office.  Our family will do its best to help the investigation to find out the real truth; who and why ordered the given political murder.  Who were participants, “customers”, assistants and etc.”   

Vakho Sanaia stressed that family members know a lot more than the society knows in general.  Considering this the family will do everything possible to help and support the investigation. 

As for Grigol Khurtsilava, sentenced for Giorgi Sanaia’s murder, according to Vakho Sanaia, he may be a participant of the given case, although the reasons named by him are not true; the murder has not been fully investigated and the initiators have not been punished. 

FYI, journalist Giorgi Sanaia was murdered in his apartment in July 2001.  Grigol Khurtsilava has been sentenced for his murder.  







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