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30.04.2013 11:40

GDS TV Programs to Be Launched By Local Television

ბერა ივანიშვილი GDS TV-ს სტუდიაში (photo: )

ბერა ივანიშვილი GDS TV-ს სტუდიაში

A long term cooperation contract has been negotiated between broadcasting company LTV( Lagodekhi). LTV is going to exclusively include the programs of GDS TV in its programming net.

The contract had been concluded on April 2, and implies the parallel broadcasting of GDS TV programs by LTV.

“ Hence, GDS TV and broadcasting company LTV are sharing mutual programming net. The contract between the two companies as well implies the fulfillment of many new projects with the framework of fruitful cooperation”- Lali Khubulava, Owner and Director of LTV, reported to Media.Ge and further added that GDS TV’s broadcasting isn’t extended to the Lagodekhi region and its surroundings bordering with Azerbaijan.

According to Khubulava, the contract is of a commercial nature, meaning that GDS TV is buying airtime.

LTV Director reminded that the 8 hour airtime, that company is going to have in according with the contract terms, is sufficient for LTV to provide its production to the local audience.

GDS TV is owned by GDS LLC, 100 per cent of which is under the ownership of PM Bidzina Ivanishvili’s son Bera Ivanishvili.

GDS TV is defined as entertaining, musical and musical television. Starting from the end of November 2012, its programming net has been added with youth projects of distinctive format on a daily basis. The young is the main segment of the television, yet the company has already started featuring projects suitable for any age-group. The television frequently features musical clips of PM Bidzina Ivanishvili’ son Bera Ivanishvili. GTV carries out its broadcasting via cable television and satellite antennas.







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