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02.12.2009 21:41

Journalists Union Objective Demands GNCC Members to be Held Responsible

David Mchedlidze

On December 2 Irma Inashvili, head of the Journalists Union Objective and Mamuka Nozadze, the Objective lawyer held a joint briefing and appealed to the Prosecutor General of Georgia with two statements. The Union requests the Prosecutor General to study the activities by the Georgian National Communications Commission (GNCC) and launch immediate criminal proceeding against the Commission members. Inashvili affirms the 2004-2009 "criminal activity" of the Commission is documentarily proved through the materials by the Objective union and other journalism organizations. In addition, according to her, within three years the Commission has permitted unlicensed broadcasting of Alania TV, the 35th decimetric TV channel seized from the Objective journalists, re-registered to Nodar Charkhalashvili, spouse of the Commission member Sophio Britanchuk. According to Irma Inashvili in case of concern the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia will be handed over the facts and materials related to the aforementioned and other issues. The Objective union also demands criminal proceedings to be launched against David Kakauridze who, according to the press conference organizers, is a friend of Dimitri Kitoshvili, former GNCC chairman and the former "policemen" convicted and currently pardoned for the murder of a young bank employee Sandro Girgvliani. Speaking at the press conference Mamuka Nozadze recommended the Prosecutor’s Office to study why "David Kakauridze gifted the 35th decimetric TV channel belonging to the Objective journalists to the state and why this decision had not been agreed with the actual owner of the channel." According to the press conference organizers in case the demands made to the Prosecutor’s Office are ignored the Objective materials will be sent to the European Court. Earlier too the Objective union accused the Commission members of swindling and demanded the 35th decimetric channel back several times. The Commission never responds to the accusations by the Commission, the law enforcement bodies either never respond to the claims.







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