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18.09.2012 09:23

Journalism Faculty Students Speak about Perspectives of working in Media Sphere

Tamar Paradashvili

Up to 600 students have been received at the faculty of journalism in the academic season of 2012-2013.  130 students will study in the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. decided to ask several students about their motivation to study at the faculty of journalism and how perspective they think working in Georgian media-sphere is. 

Tamta Tkebuchava

Third year student

If we look at media in Georgia in general, there is either opposition, or governmental, which I, as future journalist, do not like very much.  I want to be impartial and wish to somehow continue working in this sphere and be an unbiased journalist. 

-        Media outlets that work in Georgia, to what extend to they allow for a journalist to be objective? 

One cannot be objective in Georgia because you either work at governmental channel, or pro-opposition channel, so due to that unfortunately, impartiality cannot exist physically.

-        So, how do you think you will manage to be objective? 

I do not know yet, but maybe some newspaper will be issued for example by students or a new TV-channel will be launched that will be more or less objective.  I will go to work for such TV-channel and not opposition, or pro-governmental one. 

Vazha Sukhishvili

Third year student

- How perspective is it to work for Georgian media? 

For the moment I do not think it has any perspective.  It is because media sources are restricted from many things and in majority they are not independent.  There are some opposition channels which are radical and there is another side which is not pro-opposition.  It means there are two opposing sides which are in contrast with each other and are very different.  Real impartial opinion can be heard randomly; it can be heard, but randomly.  I will continue studying but I do not yet know if I will continue my Master’s degree in journalism, or maybe I will choose another profession. 

Shota Palavandishvili

Third year student

- What is your motivation for studying at the journalism faculty? 

I always wanted to be a journalist so I entered this faculty.  No one will ever give you guaranteed job ahead of time; it is all individual and depends on each individual person.  I wanted to study here so I passed the exams.  So now I study here.  Yes, there are some problems but there’s also a lot of good.  For example there are practical courses which give you experience not depending on the fact if you really work for a media source or not. 

- How perspective is it to work for Georgian media? 

It is individual for every person.  I think if a person really wants it he will be able to defend his principles in any environment. 


Tatuli Pshavishvili

Third year student

- What is your motivation of studying at journalism faculty? 

I wanted to be a journalist from the beginning.  I am interested in this profession. 

Today, media-environment is of course limited; this cannot be argued, but I think we must be active ourselves in order to be independent and objective.  We must be the initiators for the current limited media environment to change. 

Madonna Zautashvili

Fourth year student

I thought, well at least hoped that I would study an interesting subject and that they would prepare me for practical work; meaning that I would not be a “lost” graduate of the university and would know the profession at least to some level.  Unfortunately this university is not giving me the opportunity to do something valuable in journalism already during learning process. 

- How perspective is it to work for Georgian media? 

In today’s media journalists are not free – neither by their principles, nor in fact.  I cannot say now what and how I will be doing, but I already know it will not be easy. 

Lika Sanikidze

First year student

I like this profession; it excites me very much; I like communicating with people. 

- How perspective is it to work for Georgian media? 

There are perspectives but I do not like how media works today; first of all I would say there are no good journalists.  They make many grammar mistakes; I can see that and philologists understand it even better.  Furthermore they depend on State parties and so on; meaning that they are not independent media which is very bad. 

- Would you be able to work in such media sphere? 

Probably there will be possibility to work, but I hope the situation will change to the better. 







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