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26.06.2012 13:18

Citizens on Must Carry Principle - Tbilisi

Tamar Paradashvili

This Concerns You Campaign participant organizations appealed to Parliament for gathering 30,000 signatures of citizens in support to reflecting Must Carry and Must Offer principles in the legislation on 15 June.  Procedural Committee of Parliament is to made decision on the given issue on June 21. 

In case if the Procedural Committee of Parliament will satisfy the initiative group’s request the This Concerns You participants will start gathering 30,000 signatures throughout Georgia in the nearest few days. 

According to the legislative initiative on Must Carry principle prepared in framework of the This Concerns You Campaign obliges cable providers to include in their service package all the broadcasters holding general broadcasting licenses.  This concerns the broadcasters which along with other programs also produce newscasts and broadcast both by frequency spectrum and satellite signal.  For example Rustavi 2, Imedi and the First Channel are being broadcasted by frequency spectrum and satellite signal, while Maestro TV and the 9Th Channel are broadcasted only by satellite signal. 

Must Carry principle became important in the society after certain cable companies refused to rebroadcast the 9th Channel and Maestro TV signals and Rustavi 2 and Imedi refused the Global TV cable provider to rebroadcast their signal, due to which Global TV lost certain number of customers.  







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