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07.05.2014 14:17

Why do we need satellites?

Digital Broadcasting

They are 36,000 km away, we don't hear them, we don't see them but yet satellites play an increasing important role in our everyday life. Do you know how satellites help you in your everyday life?

Satellites are used to spread information in the shortest period for several hundreds of kilometers. This method of communication is easier and more cost effective than a terrestrial connection (cable), because satellite faster covers huge territory. Satellite looks like a very high TV mast, which located 36 000 km up into space.

At the beginning satellites were receiving very weak signal by passive re-translators, but soon passive re-translators were replaced by active re-translators - Transponders. Satellite receives signal and remakes is stronger by using transponders and then send it back to the earth and everything happen very quickly.  Present day satellites give chance to install small size satellite dishes on the earth - example: on the roofs of houses, on the cars or even in the little portable cases. This is what allows it to be used by emergency services by journalist working in remote locations.

More information is in our VIDEO provided by satellite operator SES Astra. 


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